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Be A Better Person

We need this book. No one knows our deepest need to change "self". We love ourselves-to a degree-but not all the warts. Internal change is required. Manipulation games, lies, ghosting, backstabbing, words that kill our Spirit. We deserve better! We need to hear the words of hope offering the belief that we are worthy and capable of reaching the goals of self-fulfillment. And this book will pave your way, for its instructions are to the point. Each reflection brings you closer to your real "self". Grow into full personhood, in command, loving, and kind. 

The Lord's Prayer - Tidbits from Its Extraordinary History

Engross yourself in an intimate exploration of the Gospel and researched details of the relationship between Jesus and His family, especially the startling specificity concerning His mother. Discover how Jesus' stepbrothers fostered the founding of the new religion. Enjoy learning how Jesus' heritage, Palestinian lifestyle, and politics influenced His ministry. Get surprised by how prayers from antiquity determined Jesus' teachings. Become knowledgeable about the religious and personal importance of the terms and phrases in the Lord's Prayer. See how the prayer remained the same throughout changes in language. Also read how the Jewish Brethren and Gentile Christians struggled to reach agreement on how best to worship under Jesus' new life instructions. While thousands of interpretations of the Lord's Prayer and its profound implications for the Christian religion have been published, there has never been a book this unique, or unusual, in its offerings.

Church Filling Techniques for Building Community

A long awaited nondenominational manual that guide clergy in low cost activities aimed at bringing pastors and neighbors into a deepening relationship that when followed results in church growth -- Living Is For Now Eternity is Forever

Section 1 - Using Internet Resources to Your Advantage; Utilizing Local Media Resources
Section 2 - Fulfilling a Community Need
Section 3 - The Church Within, Growing Community
Section 4 - Attracting Specific Age Groups
Section 5 - Reaching Out to Former Parishioners
Section 6 - Utilizing Church Grounds
Section 7 - An Ethical Person
Section 8 - Ending Note from Author
Section 9 - Moving On From Here

What Jesus Heard: A Guide to Biblical Hebrew for the Bible Reader 

Find out more and see a video at
“I have read this work with delight. The author’s explanation of words in the Hebrew language is very helpful, and will be so to theological students and lecturers. The book contains concrete examples and word samples, indicating just how dynamic Biblical Hebrew has been. The spreadsheet format is wonderful. The Alphabet and Vowel charts offer an opportunity to beginners of the language to learn easily and quickly. The adjective and preposition chapters are all-important for this learning. The pronunciation column and notes of interest column are both unique assets in this writing. Actually, I have found great use for all twelve of the categories of this book. The history offered is not only important, but helpful as readers reach an understanding of how the language was developed and how it is different from the Hebrew spoken today. An excellent work. I strongly recommend this book to students of the Bible worldwide.” The Right Reverend A. B. Lamido

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