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DEGREES: Master in Theological Studies (MTS), Theological Education for Ministry (EFM’s 3-year program), Criminal Justice and Corrections (BA), and Police Science (AA).

LANGUAGES: English, Ancient Biblical (Classical) Hebrew, Imperial Aramaic, and presently studying Latin phrases.

ORGANIZATIONS: Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, International Transactional Analysis Association, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, American Criminal Justice Association.

AWARDS & HONORS: The World Who’s Who of Women—Who’s Who of Prominent Americans—Community Leaders in America—Outstanding Academic Performance, Summa cum laude, St. Leo University—Recognition for Initiative Workshops for Inmates around the State— Young Republicans Outstanding Service and Contribution.

Past Editor of Virginia Theological Seminary’s newspaper, IN–FORMATION.

Present Owner of Soul Care Books, LLC; Florida, USA.

PAST PUBLICATIONS: Art of Loving God (biography), Church-Filling Techniques for Building Community (for clergy only), What Jesus Heard-Biblical Hebrew for the Bible Reader (study text for seminary students)—all three books are out of print.

RELIGIOUS ADULT WORKBOOKS: Be a Better Person in 31 Days, Forgiveness and Reconciliation of Others, of Self within the 40 Days of Lent; Church-Filling Techniques for Building Community (for clergy only), and To You to Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.

NEW PUBLICATION: The Lord’s Prayer—Tidbits from Its Extraordinary History; Macauley Publishing of NY & London; 2022, Nonfiction, ISBN 9781649797513 (Paperback, 216 pages), ISBN 9781649797520 (Hardback), ISBN 9781649797544 (ePub e-book), ISBN: 9781649797537 (Audio).

2024 PUBLICATIONS IN THE WORKS: WILTING TREE OF LIFE-Struggles with Faith. FAITH FEEDS THE TREE OF LIFE-Search for the Davidic Warrior Messiah. JESUS’ NEW TREE OF LIFE-Hope for the Morrow.


Behind Her Authorship

Being an author is not outstanding, or even unusual. We are all authors holding onto, or writing about, our personal stories. My story began when listening intently to what people shared. Their oft-told problems led me to take a three-year course sponsored by the School of Theology, University of the South. Bible-based, I learned how to unite Faith, knowledge, empathy, and struggling with my life problems to understand what those in pain, loss of direction, anger, unforgiveness, crippling secrets, and Seekers needed to hear or discuss; and needed help in deciding or in creating a plan. It was through Grace that people received the support they required.

In time, I taught in church school, from 5th graders to adults, eventually writing workbooks for adults to study and discuss. I love teaching, for they fill Seekers with questions and wonderment. Through their participation, I became a better teacher and writer.

Two rewarding activities involved teaching Transactional Analysis, "I'm OK, You’re OK," in prison workshops and working in a congressman’s office in Washington, DC. Neither were long-term, but the lessons were long-lasting.

In the background of every activity was church, from teaching to becoming a Lay Eucharist Minister and Chalice bearer, a vestry member, and a volunteer on far too many committees. Eventually, Bishop John Lipscomb of our diocese encouraged me toward higher education. As a result, I graduated from the Virginia Theological Seminary, earning a Master in Theological Studies.

Less than a decade later, life took a twisted turn with two significant events. First, church doors began closing. The second event was a health problem which stopped all activities. Here I received an opportunity to pick up the pen during the years of rest and healing inwardly and outwardly.

Sitting by the condo widow, looking out onto the bay, watching wildlife and the ever-changing Floridan sky, I rediscovered my spiritual life. At first, I replaced liturgical prayers; instead, I talked to our Higher Powers and knew relief. The lessening of fear and improved writing skills occurred through developing a stronger Faith. Soul searching is never easy, and the self-truths discovered during this time led to a more open way of expressing thoughts.

I deeply love and respect the power of words. Used properly, they offer steppingstones into new ways of looking at the world and how we choose to live in this world. I always pray that Believers find productive ways to show how being a person of Faith enriches lives. My efforts bear fruit if any statements or stories I offer help bring this about.

Recently, Macauley of NY and London published The Lord’s Prayer–Tidbits from Its Extraordinary History. Discussed are Jesus' mother and brothers’ lives, Jewish life and culture, ancient prayers said by Jesus, the importance of language, male predominance, education, literacy issues, and the liturgical function of Jesus’s prayer. As a result, readers will find themselves more knowledgeable about this most important book.

In August 2023, I received a text from Allen Saladaga, D.C.Z., from Atticus Press that transformed my life. Every author prays to receive such words, “I like your writing. Shall we talk about Atticus marketing your books?” We talked, and the discussion went from marketing to publishing. Imagine a House that both publishes and markets—a dream come true for us independent writers. In short ordered, I discovered Atticus is not only a full-service House but also has helpful, considerate, knowledgeable people who both answer questions and offer their expertise. Matthew Smith, Director and Marketing Expert of Atticus, is my new Shepherd, and never have I met a kinder man in the publishing world. Thanks be to God, Lee Jones continues as the one person who fears nothing in offering opinions, criticizing a poorly written section, or caringly listening as I struggle to put words to thoughts, feelings. My husband, Jack, who struggles to walk again after a horrific accident, eagerly listens to the woes of his writer-wife, laughing with me at some really dumb mistakes, and who continues to believe “you are a great writer”. To these men, I say, “Thank you for experiencing God in my work.”

Life has had many traveled roads. My experiences included prison workshops, politics, and church involvement. I am now where I belong—working for our Faith full-time. With joy and comfort, I study hard and write with purpose, and I thank you for joining me on this journey.

After joining the American Episcopal Church, she graduated from the three-year Education for Ministry program. BC taught Sunday School classes from grade school to adults, became a biblical spiritual director, and a Lay Eucharist Minister (LEM). She has held most church positions while writing workbooks on Faith issues, which she taught in adult church classes. BC recently became a widow and is living in Florida, USA

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