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Nov 11, 2023

The young man I hired to help me create an author page told me to begin by first introducing myself.

“To whom?” I asked.

“To the world,” Kevin answered. “To total strangers! They’re your future readers! Say Hi.”

He is a strange young man. And this writing to strangers on a blank page is stranger still. It used to be, back in the Dark Ages, reading was a solitary act, an invitation into a secret world, one filled with adventures and lessons. Now I write, inviting readers to join me in the secret world I have written about that encompasses three worlds: fitting into today’s world the evil and good of the realms of Ancient Judaism, the seeds of Christianity, and how they mixed into the world we have today.

I have taken a chance here. And do not know how this will turn out. This, too, has become an adventure. I realize, as I am writing this in the middle of the night, that I am scared, just like I was when that abused child I write about in the Art of Loving God. Back then, books were my friend, my escape. What I learned back then, I use today. Those childhood books educated me into a world of Faith, friendships, love, caring, and sharing. They were my steppingstones into the “how to” live a life.

Tonight, I peek into a partially blank page and whisper, “Hi. Will you be my friend?” The scary part is, will anyone answer?

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