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I "DO", I "BE"—MMM; NO, I "BE", I "DO"—MMM, ... PART ONE

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I "DO", I "BE"—MMM; NO, I "BE", I "DO"—MMM, ... PART ONE

Nov 11, 2023

(sing) "Jesus loves us this I know 'cause'.. .mmm, 'cause' why? Ah, easy question: because the Holy Bible tells us so—because worship at the altar tells us so—and, most importantly, because our Christian family tells us so.

These three statements are proactive. First, the Holy Bible is an action book. Second, worship at the altar is a fluid flow of expressed spirituality; and our Christian families are both the ‘givers’ and the ‘doers’ of our expressed faith.

Now it is a fact that you and I get caught up in the confusion over ‘do-ing’ and ‘be-ing’.

The question is an ongoing struggle: Do I tell you about the Christian Faith by my being or by my doing? Is faith shouted out by moral character or by ‘good works’? Which represents to the world the essence of the Christian Faith?

One reason for this confusion is that our Bible is an action-oriented book: Noah builds a huge ark! Moses leads nomads through 40 years of desert trekking! The Maccabean family fought (and died) to gain freedom in worship and for the nation, Queen Esther used logic to save a people, as did the many prophets who—through persuasive words and miracles—changed events. And Jesus walked a preaching / healing circuit. We read about Simeon who sang praise of thanksgiving in the Jerusalem Temple for the opportunity of having lived long enough to see and hold the longed-for Savior. And there is the nameless little boy who shared his basket offish to help feed 4,000 hungry people. Or how about Simon of Cyrene, the visitor who happened upon the death march, and willingly carried the heavy solid-wood cross so that Jesus could have a breather? Or
how about the 72 people whom Jesus 'sent out' to spread the Good News?

Are these persons ‘be-ers’ or ‘do-ers’? Do you know of a way to tell them apart?

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