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Nov 11, 2023

If I were God—yes, I love this sentence—if I were God, I would have taken one tiny step during the creation of humankind: I would have kept my thumb on the scale when installing “Free Will” into each creature’s soul, for an excellent reason.

The reason begins with knowing our God to have been beyond a creative genius when gathering the ingredients and colors to create this beautiful Earth! Everything in balance (once), the air pure (once), the waters a crystal blue-green (once), forests and wetlands sharing space (once), humans in one-to-one contact with our Father God (once). But ‘once’ did not last long on the timetable of humanity’s existence. Mentally and emotionally, the Garden of Eden story prepares us for Part 2 of the story. The Holy Bible does not disappoint.

We know Cain and Abel as a mythological story, but like most stories, truth lurks beneath its words. The first killing occurs. The glory of ‘free will’ receives its second soul darkening stain. What follows encounters too many stains to count. In the horror of brutality and wars, God shouts “Enough!” and here comes the flood to wipe out and begin anew.

Well, God was just dumb! That was the time for God to put his thumb on the scale of Free Will, just a light touch. Needed—nay, required—was the touch that eradicated craziness, power-hungry, genocide-bent, killing-spree, terror, war; and replaced it with a common-sense control over emotions and diseased thinking.

Really, God, did You not even consider this opportunity when the Flood Re-creation took place? Then, you could have so easily given us a break, allowing more time for humanity to mature into decent, loving people who eagerly follow the words of Saint Augustine: “Love God and Do What You Will.”

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