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Nov 11, 2023

You and I are hungry people. We hunger for God’s personal touch, and we are hungry to touch God. We hunger to experience intimacy with The One Who Created All, The One who ordained our souls into life. We are hungry to receive affirmation that our lives have meaningful purposes - both in Heaven and Here on earth.

We are hungry to have our actions and words matter both inside and outside our churches, our careers. We hunger for appreciation, to know that our time and efforts have meaning—especially to whom we give so many of our hours and so much of our talents.

These are mighty hungers, and they are our companions. It is a sad truth that we spend too much of our lives looking to ourselves, each other, and all ‘the others’ for satisfaction and fulfillment of hunger. We are now at an adult age when we know unequivocally any satisfaction found among people is only a momentary fulfillment to the hungers.

Why is this so? Why are the monsters that bite our minds and hearts never totally satisfied? How can they be so powerful? Why do these hungers return time and time again like an insatiable fire that seeks to consume the very Faith actions sent to destroy it? Why is there only temporary fulfillment in intimacy with other people, only momentary self-satisfaction in jobs well-done? How is it that spoken words or even written words never seem quite enough?

The thirst runs so deep and, like a riptide, has a powerful pull. Like the never-ending tide, our hunger ebbs and flows with each crisis, celebration, sorrow, and lightness of our lives.

Why, Hunger, are You never satisfied?

The answer is not that difficult. It is too simple. We are hungry because the hunger roots are not being touched. Nothing on this Earth lasts as long or felt as mightily as our hunger to know, love, feel and experience Him to the utmost degree.

Here is the root of our hunger. This desire to know Him intimately is at the core that never reaches total fulfillment when involved either with people or projects. Jesus showed us one way to feed this hunger: Prayer. Meditation. Spiritual Director. BFF. Find whatever way works best for you, for true hunger satisfaction occurs when keeping one foot on Earth and the other in Heaven.

In His Name! BC

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